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Qigong events Cape Town
Qigong events Cape Town

The theme of World Health Qigong Day 2020 is “Have You Baduanjined Today?”

The 4th World Health Qigong Day will be launched on September 12th, 2020 on a global scale.

Among the ancient Daoyin in China, Baduanjin is the most widely spread form. Among the Health Qigong promoted to the world, HealthQigong •Baduanjin is also the form practiced by the largest number of people in the world.

This theme is in conjunction with the “Global Health Qigong Time” activity launched by IHQF this year, calling on all practitioners to keep practicing HealthQigong • Baduanjin every day, emphasizing the importance of perseverance for the effect of Health Qigong, so as to have a deeper experience of Health Qigong and truly benefit from it.

With the “Global HealthQigong Time” program, Member Organizations organize members to exercise every day throughout the year and share “Health Qigong Stories” with us as a warm-up for the 2020 World Health QigongDay.

SA Health Qigong Association is the local organisation which assists local cooperation among like-minded individuals and groups to obtain local and international training and accreditation.

SAHQA preparatory Duans are classified as Chih levels, needed as preparation for the more advanced international accreditation. Qualifying in these levels will enable the player to teach within South Africa and the Africa region. Once qualified on all Chih levels, IKLWC will guide players who wish to further their training to proceed to international accreditation by both IKLWC/SAHQA and the International Health Qigong Federation (IHQF).

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