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Our Mission

SA Health Qigong Association programs training provider IKLWC headed by Dr. Jeff Lan provides experiential courses covering Chinese medicine and exercise to assist all movement and health practitioners such as yoga, martial artists, medical, and aspiring healers, etc. with self assist health benefit content as recognised and advocated by world health authorities. Benefits influence; health-specific dis-ease, overall wellness & lifestyle assist, social access, self & health defense to martial arts exercise & discipline.

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Our location

Acupuncture & Kung Fu

133 Bree Street
Cape Town South Africa

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We travel so please check the location of each event as it occurs.

Our Events Cover TopicsĀ 

Martial Arts Movement Specialists | Public Training | Instructors Training | Overseas Training & Access | International Certification | Custom Training Packages | Kung Fu ] Tai Chi | Classic & Modern Qigong | Wing Chun | Self Defence | Woman Specific Training | Keep The Mind In One Programs | Health Specific Assist | Acupuncture | Chinese Medicine | Herbs |


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