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Due to the national shutdown, all events and classes will be conducted online until further notice. Kindly follow the links for online assist.

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Cosmic Healing Way of Nourishing Life

Dr. Jeff Lan
Keep The Mind In One

An experiential course for the public and instructors of movement as well as health & wellness practitioners to enhance vitality and lifestyle. Concepts of “Keep the mind in one©”, grounding, apply, issue, connect, cultivate & generate Qi are a few topics of address. Dr. Jeff understands the modern-day need for authentic ancient knowledge systems by creating a step-by-step easily applied process.

Instructor Coach Training

Cape Town
Feb – May, Sept

Experiential training for movement and health practitioners such as yoga, martial artists, medical healers, and aspiring healers to add Qigong and related Chinese medicine & philosophy to enhance current expertise for clients and self. The major idea of Qigong is to manage, balance, assist and influence Self Healing by regulating our overall daily Health Vitality, Wellness & Lifestyle.


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An accessible way to daily implementation of the “mysteries” of Chinese medicine, philosophy, cuisine, exercise as therapy, fitness, and overall wellness. Dissect Yin Yang concepts. Elevate an understanding of Balance. Amplify living in the moment, as well as improve upon and maintain the self. Explore as we assist a bespoke journey within the realms of Asian cuisine, medicine, philosophy, and exercise.

Dr. Jeff Lan

Senior Coach

Ancient Knowledge System Advocate



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Qi Gong step by step

Qi Gong  Slow & Powerful Exercise Therapy Step By Step Analogy of Qigong also called Chi Kung. 氣 Qi = life force/prana/ ki 功 Gong = skill, work or effort Aspects of Qigong are Martial, Medical, Wellness, and Lifestyle. Origins stem from the Taoist school...


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